Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Carnivale" Cancelled!

Sorry to be the bearer of really lousy news...

According to an Unimpeachable Source, "Carnivale" has been cancelled.

HBO has not made its "official" announcement yet, and it is unknown exactly WHEN they will -- quite possibly in the next week or so -- but they have definitely cancelled "Carnivale".

So, what does this mean for us?

Well, for one thing, we're planning on keeping this "Carnivale" fandom together! We're gonna make sure the "Carnivale" fandom continues to grow and to be the supportive fandom family it's become. There will continue to be "Carnivale" discussion groups, message boards, web sites and chat rooms. We encourage EVERYONE to take full advantage of all the wonderful "Carnivale" fan pages and groups that are out there. Start more groups of your own! Read, write, and share fanfic! That's the way to keep this story going for a long, long time... Continue to support the careers of all the talented and generous people involved with the show who have done so much for us! And keep in touch with all the fan friends you've made along the way.

Let's take what we've already made with this fandom and continue to build, in the same way that the "Star Trek" fans continued to build their groups. (And we all know what THEY managed to accomplish when THEIR show was cancelled prematurely by the Brainiacs who ran NBC!) Network executives come and go. They take their promotions (or their demotions), and they move on to the next high profile position. But fandoms... fandoms are meant to last, to OUTLAST revolving-door network execs. So, who knows what a different set of execs might think a few years down the road, when the last half dozen unoriginal "water cooler shows" they've floated have sunk, and they look back and see an active fandom still chugging along for the one amazing show they threw away?

As for HBO...

Would they feel it if 5540 subscribers CANCELLED THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS on Monday?

Would they feel it if 5540 subscribers contacted their local cable or satellite provider and let THEM know how unhappy they are about this decision?

Would they notice bags and bags of protest letters being delivered to their desks?

Would they be interested in reading articles written by television critics who've heard from a number of disappointed readers?

And... do we still trust HBO to do the right thing and get that 2nd season DVD set out in a timely manner? Perhaps they should hear about how many of their subscribers want that DVD set... and how many want it NOW. Maybe they need to hear how many people out here are expecting to plunk down their hard-earned money for that Season Two DVD set -- and soon.

Yes, now's the time to get our frustrations out, to write our letters, cancel our subscriptions to HBO, and basically make ourselves heard. Now is the time to scream about the "Ass-faced Bastard People" who have been so shortsighted, so creatively, financially, and strategically un-savvy as to cancel the one show they possess that is truly building a cult audience. Now is the time to shake our heads at the stupidity of HBO basically abandoning THE hottest topic on television right now -- namely good vs. evil, End of Days drama -- to the no-pay NETWORKS like NBC! (I mean, how DUMB is that?!?)

But tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves and get to work keeping this fandom together and making it into something that's built to LAST!

We're open to hearing creative ideas as to how to help "Carnivale" and the wonderful people involved with it.

All our sympathies to the wonderful talented people of "Carnivale". Just know that we're all still here! We're with ya, and we'll follow your careers, wherever you go.

And as for "Carnivale"? As long as we have a fandom, THIS SHOW WILL GO ON!


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