Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Coming Soon... Our "Save Carnivale" Press Release

I'm working on a short press release to send out to the critics, newpapers, entertainment media, etc. If fans would like to use it to spread the word about Carnivale's cancellation locally, or as a template to write their own Letter to the Editor, please feel free to copy & paste.

The Press Release will be up as soon as possible.


Anonymous Dan "RoboDan" Choina said...

I'd like to start a video campaign as well. Let HBO know that we are truly serious! I'm a video editor, and I'd like to get some ideas down with other fans of the show on what the best way of getting our message across to HBO would be like. Please get back to me at dan@maximument.com. Thanks,

--Dan Choina

6:02 PM  

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