Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Infuriating News Travels Fast!

Have you found any mentions, in the press or online, talking about the cancellation of Carnivale? Please share them with us here in the Comments section of this post. Be sure to include a URL if the article or mention was online, and include the name of the author, who they write for, and the body of the comment. We'll feature a few of these aticles as the days go by.

Let's build a nice collection of articles and mentions!

Here's one to start us out...

This one is by Eric Berlin of

"I just started watching Carnivale, the HBO show about a ragtag carnival scraping by in the 1930s Depression-era dustbowl days. In fact, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the first season on DVD as I don’t get the fancy-schmancy cable-type channels.

But what I saw was wondrous: great characters, beautiful and strange depictions of rural Oklahoma and fertile California, and a storyline that had already put its claws around my story-hungry heart. Magic, mayhem, and madness lurked around and within the delightfully oddball characters, from the bearded lady down to the sad and wizened and diminutive ringleader. The first inklings of disastrous and magical events were just starting to take shape, and I rejoiced in knowing that I had latched onto a show that would be on agenda for a longtime to come.

Except not.

Rumors are now swirling that Carnivale has been put out to pasture after its second season on HBO.

From Ain’t It Cool News:

Fans of Carnivale woke up this morning to some very bad news. Beth Blighton, trusted source of Carnycon and she-who-knows-all posted that an "unimpeachable source" had confirmed that Carnivale is being cancelled.

I used to think that the cancellation of quality shows that hadn’t quite found a wide audience was the domain of the broadcast networks. But, sadly, even the mighty HBO, it seems, is making a sacrifice to the mighty Gods of Ratings."


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