Wednesday, May 11, 2005


From the Hollywood Reporter

Big tent folds as HBO cancels 'Carnivale'

HBO has pulled up stakes on "Carnivale," opting not to order a third season of the series. Prospects for a "Carnivale" renewal have appeared bleak since the sophomore season wrapped in March; the Dust Bowl drama didn't increase its viewership and series creator/executive producer Daniel Knauf already signed on to produce a series for Showtime (HR 3/22). "We have decided not to renew 'Carnivale,'" said Carolyn Strauss, president of entertainment at HBO, in a statement. "We feel the two seasons we had on the air told the story very well and we are proud of what everyone associated with the show has accomplished." (Andrew Wallenstein)


According to Variety

'Carnivale' packing up
Cabler skein calls it quits


HBO's "Carnivale""Carnivale" is leaving town.
The mystical Depression-era drama about the battle between good and evil is being shut down after two seasons, HBO confirmed Tuesday. CablerCabler had produced a total of 24 episodes of the skeinskein over its two-season run.

HBO entertainment prexy Carolyn Strauss said the net had "decided not to renew 'Carnivale' " because the series had come to a natural end.

"We feel the two seasons we had on the air told the story very well, and we're proud of what everyone associated with the show accomplished," Strauss said in a statement released by the cabler.

Nick Stahl and Clancy Brown toplined "Carnivale," which was created by Daniel Knauf. Howard Klein and Knauf exec produced the series.

"Obviously, I'm disappointed," Klein said of HBO's decision. "It's a show I'm incredibly proud of. There are so many positives that came out of this experience."

"Carnivale" had its share of strong reviews, and won several Emmys, but didn't draw the universal acclaim generated by other HBO dramas such as "Deadwood" or "The Sopranos." HBO also never really gave the show a break in terms of scheduling or lead-ins, slotting the second season of the show Sundays at 9 p.m. opposite "Desperate Housewives," as well as such big ticket events as the Golden Globes, Super Bowl, Grammys and Oscars.


So Carnvivale just "came to a natural end," did it?

Okay, HBO... Have it your way.

Remember the mantra:

No Carnivale, No HBO!

Read it, learn it, live it.

It's begun...


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