Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Purpose of this Blog Fulfilled -- Where To Go From Here

Hey folks,

Well, it seems that the stop-gap purpose that this weblog filled in the initial days of Carnivale's cancellation has now been fulfilled, and other, more extensive websites are being brought online to focus the Save Carnivale Campaign more specifically.

Please visit for updates on the Save Carnivale campaign, and links to all other Save Carnivale efforts.

You will still be able to read the comments on this weblog, in order for people to be able to glean as much necessary information from it while it is still up. But we won't be taking any new comments, as of today. Please send all ideas, info, and brianstorming to the people at and they will be able to tell you where your ideas can best serve the fandom and Carnivale.

We hope you have found this stop-gap Save Carnivale Weblog to be useful while the bigger campaigns have been setting up. Best of luck to ALL Save Carnivale efforts!

Best wishes,
-- Beth