Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Infuriating News Travels Fast -- YOUR Turn!

Please feel free to drop of any links to stories you find on the web, hear on television, or in the newspapers or magazines concerning Carnivale's cancellation.

Just leave the details, a link, the author, what source, etc. hre in the comments section of this post.

Let's see how far this news has travelled!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I called to cancel my hbo this morning. They asked me why and I explained it was because they had cancelled Carnivale. The rep on the phone said, You are cancelling hbo "just for one tv show?" Big mistake...I went on for at least 5 mins about how Carnivale wasn't "just a tv show". She was silent after I finished and said that I was really dedicated to my show. I laughed and said she had no idea. So..she said that she would be sure to pass along my comments.

~Donna (LexxiSmiles)

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Amy said... .... Has a short story on the Carnivale cancellation.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

A few articles:,1002,271%7C95229%7C1%7C,00.html

1:20 PM  
Anonymous animoid said...

I have forwarded the news to the German scifi/fantasy community portal "" and they published the story (in German). If there is such a thing as a German fanbase, I'm still trying to locate it..but this portal is well visited.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous animoid said...

Cinescape has informed its (infuriated) readers with a small note after I emailed them.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just heard about the cancellation from an Israeli blog. We're only starting Season 2 this week and I was all excited.

How depressing!

At least give us a miniseries to conclude the third chapeter, like they did with Farscape!!

4:40 AM  

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