Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hitting the Airwaves...

Got the following report on the CarnivaleHBO Yahoogroup:

Our highest rated morning show here in Detroit has some Carnivale fans. I never knew it, but they discussed the cancellation this morning. I called them to let them know about our community and our plans for a mass cancellation of HBO. We will see if they can get the word out too. You can email them at

I tried to cancel my HBO this morning, but was told the computers are down and to call back in an hour. I am also now calling HBO directly.

Sad day!


If anyone else hears anything on their local radio stations about HBO cancelling "Carnivale" and the anger it is generating, please leave your story and any links or contact info you might have in the comments of this post.

I'm sure the news will be reaching Carnivale Friend Extraordinaire, Shelley Morgan -- from the "Decoding Carnivale with Clancy Brown" radio show on Rock 107.1/WIRX too!


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