Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Send Us Those Stories!

Got a story about what happened when you called in to cancel your HBO today? Please feel free to leave your story in the comments section of this post/ Let your fellow fans hear about your experiences, and it might help them decide to take a stand, too.

Remember the motto: No Carnivale, No HBO!


Blogger wickedvox said...

well let me be the first to tell a story beth, lol!
i called comcast and told them to cancel and told them why. the operator was SHOCKED, an apparent fan himself. i told him about our no carnivale no hbo campaign and he said there's a hbo consultant who comes in every friday and he was going to let her know about the campaign! how cool is that? so speak up people, be heard, find your voice and TALK HARD! (a lil "pump up the volume" for us 80's fans)


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