Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dark Horizons gets it. Why can't HBO?

Dark Horizons reports on Carnivale's cancellation...


HBO Cancels "Carnivale"
Posted: Wednesday May 11th, 2005 11:50pm
Source: Reuters
Author: Garth Franklin

"HBO has been the best network on the box in the last decade or so but even they aren't infallible. Pretty much every show they've launched like "Sex and the City", "Deadwood", "The Sopranos", "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Six Feet Under" I've enjoyed and loyally watch (I've yet to see "Entourage" and "The Wire" but I'm stocking up on the DVDs as I write this). However if one show has held my interest in the last year or so its been "Carnivale".

The 1930's Depression-era set tale of Armageddon wrapped up its second season brilliantly last month on the network and many a fan has been waiting with baited breath as to when a third season would be announced. Then the rumours began that HBO wasn't interested in renewing the series, a surprise considering it was beating other shows like "The Wire" which got renewals.

Now the worst possible news has happened. Reuters reports that HBO has pulled up stakes on "Carnivale," opting not to order a third season. Series creator Daniel Knauf has already signed on to produce a series for the rival Showtime cable channel. "We have decided not to renew 'Carnivale'. We feel the two seasons we had on the air told the story very well and we are proud of what everyone associated with the show has accomplished" said HBO's President of Entertainment Carolyn Strauss.

Damn it HBO, this sucks. Whilst it's very sad news to hear about "Carnivale", the network does have a few new interesting shows starting next month along with what looks to be one of the true highlights of the Fall TV season - the mega budget limited series "Rome".

Thanks to 'Chris'"


Yup, you kinda gotta wonder about that "mega-budget" limited series Rome. Over a hundred million dollars to put on twelve episodes of that -- about what it cost to put on Carnivale for two seasons? Hmm... This math thing is puzzling me again.


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